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more twitter dumps: chankai, cat boys, kim jong bros!

twitter dump: CHINGULINE! :3

birthday gift for my gooooooood friend jay :3 <3 <3 (xiuchen)

birthday gift for my gooooooood friend jay :3 <3 <3 (xiuchen)

twitter dumps from the past week :3

mostly chankai… but have some chen & xiuchen

very quick very silly doodles of exo!

chankai set based on 08/02 of TLP and the rest are just AU doodles

more twitter stuffs! don’t repost and edit like the usual

mostly chankai related things, and one random suho sketch :3

EXO twitter explosions from today

gang!schoolboys chensoo, trappedd!taochen, and a kitty!nini

TO: KAI &amp; CHANYEOLFROM: KEUROKETlove, love, love


love, love, love

mostly kai (& chanyeol) twitter doodles :)

EXO color meme! :) :) :)